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"EVM Demystified"
An Easy Guide for the Practical Use of Earned Value Management 


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This book is excellent for anyone wishing to learn about Earned Value Management or who needs to explain these concepts to others.  It will show you that Earned Value is not only a useful tool, but it is someting that most people already use in their everyday life.

The book is designed for easy reading.  Its conversational tone and colorful graphics will help the reader to understand the concepts and the practical application of Earned Value Management.  This book is also designed to be kept as a valued reference for the Earned Value Management practitioners.

The overall approach to this book is to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible.  This is done for both the concept itself and for the formulas.  We have included colorful graphics to make it easier to understand. The book takes you slowly from one concept to the next in logical order, like walking up a series of small steps.  It is intended to be read from front to back and in such a way that you can easily get through the book and obtain all the information needed to understand Earned Value Management.

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Sample information from the book

1) Explanation of Planned Value (PV), Actual Cost (AC) and  Earned Value (EV)

The Planned Value (PV) is the sum of the budget up to a point in time. 

The Actual Cost (AC) is what we actually spend completing the project. 

The Earned Value (EV) is the sum of the budget of all tasks completed up to a point in time

2) Sample Estimate to Complete (ETC) Graphic

3) Sample Estimate-At-Complete (EAC) Graphic from Apple Picking Sample Scenario


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